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TILT 2014 | Exhibition | Royal Academy of Arts | Video

For a short time only, the Royal Academy Schools will open to the public for a free exhibition of brand new art created as part of an exciting collaboration between artists from Hong Kong, Beijing and London.

‘TILT’ is the first display of work resulting from a three-year artist in residence exchange programme that will rotate across three host institutions: The Royal Academy of Arts; Arts in Heritage Research, Hong Kong and The Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing.

The residency facilitates the coming together of different artistic backgrounds and cultures. The eight participating artists in residence – four from London, two from Beijing and two from Hong Kong – bring with them a diversity of influences and practices, ranging from traditional Chinese painting to new media, text art and performance projects. Alongside the new experiences and techniques explored in the residency programme, these will underpin the final works in this group exhibition.

Over the past six weeks the artists, all aged under 30, have had the chance to exchange their experiences within the visual arts, explore aspects of the local environment, and form long-lasting professional relationships. This culminates in the unique opportunity to show their works within the studios of the prestigious Royal Academy Schools.

The participating artists are Peter Donaldson, Alana Francis, Ella McCartney and John Robertson who are alumni of the Royal Academy Schools in London; Stephanie Sin and Ng Sum Chi from Hong Kong; and Cui Ran and He Xiao from CAFA, Beijing.

Organised by Arts in Heritage Research, Hong Kong Airline sponsor Cathay Pacific RA Schools sponsored by Newton Investment Management

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