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Titanic /鐵達尼號 /泰坦尼克号 James Cameron's

Titanic /鐵達尼號 /泰坦尼克号 James Cameron's /Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go On


Some jump, some fall, each dotting the water's surface like the period at the end of a sentence. Then, the stern slips under the water, plunging everyone into a coldness so intense it is indistinguishable from fire. Ten minutes. Twenty minutes. The inchoate wail of 1500 souls slowly fades to individual cries from the darkness. We know you can hear us! Save one life! 700 survivors stand by in lifeboats built for 1200, afraid to act for fear of getting swamped. They tell themselves that the voices from the water do not belong to their husbands or their loved ones. They are merely the cries of the damned....

-- From James Cameron's Titanic

有的跳躍,有的墜落,每一個都像句末的句號一樣點綴在水面上。 然後,船尾在水下滑落,使每個人都陷入了與火無法區分的寒冷之中。 10分鐘。 20分鐘。 1500 個靈魂的早期哀號慢慢地消失在黑暗中的個人哭聲。 我們知道您能聽到我們的聲音! 拯救一條生命! 700 名倖存者站在為 1200 人建造的救生艇上,因為害怕被淹沒而不敢行動。 她們告訴自己,水里的聲音不屬於她們的丈夫或她們所愛的人。 他們只是該死的人的哭聲……


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